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Hands-on, proactive and professional cargo airline management services since 2004, our highly experienced Dubai-based team adheres to the highest performance standards and provide our airline clients a complete range of air cargo sales, services, management and customized solutions at a competitive price.

ACT is careful to maintain the operational standards of the airlines it represents and establish the carriers’ image as a reliable operator in the market it serves.  We have the experience to confidently assure our clients that we are ready and capable to accomplish all your objectives in the local market.

More specifically, your airline will immediately benefit from ACT’s:

Market penetration in key trade lanes

Market penetration in key trade lanes

Our longstanding relationships with shippers and freight forwarders in important trade lanes between the Middle East, Africa, and India. We know the right customers and profitable trade lanes. We will help you adapt your pricing and communications to meet the market.

We provide our clients with a complete assessment of the market, including annual trends, competitor activity, and prevailing pricing scenarios to keep our clients informed and substantiate our recommendations.

Ability to create demand and generate sales

Create demand and generate sales

We convert our knowledge of the market into tools and tactics to create demand, build relationships, promote your brand and develop sales with target audiences. Because we understand the marketplace from the perspective of the customer, we are in a unique position to lead your company to growth in specific sectors. Our many years of experience in these markets gives us an understanding of the opportunities there are to triangulate stops and avoid empty legs on return flights. Our objective is to enhance business opportunities for our clients.

We have an established working relationship with (number of forwarders in the UAE) forwarders who actively look to ACT to expand opportunities with carriers we represent all over the world. Our successful track record and excellent reputation with UAE forwarders makes us the preferred GSA in the region.

We also expend our best efforts to sell our airline clients capacity to high revenue courier and mail service companies.

Proven ability to match interline partners

Interline partners

We structure agreements to extend your global reach and open up new trade lanes, giving your customers access to new markets. We find the best carriers to offer seamless carriage of your cargo to its final destination.

We handle all the negotiations and contracts and assume the responsibility for everything including pre-payments, settlement of local Interline billing, collections, clearances and currency exchanges.


Reservations of cargo

ACT utilizes the online reservation system of its airline clients for real time access to capacity and seamless blocking of space for its regular and ad hoc customers.

Capacity control

Capacity control

Our many years of operational experience is your assurance that we will deliver the maximum optimization of the available capacity of every flight.

Expertise in cool chain management

Expertise in cool chain management

Managing perishable logistics demands expertise. Whether it’s handling vegetables, fish, fruits or flowers, our success in this sector is due to the relationships we have built in specific trade lanes over many years. That experience is critical to understanding the characteristics of each trade lane and how best to ensure the cool chain is not broken.

Expertise in handling dangerous goods

Dangerous goods handling

All ACT procedures regarding the handling and storage of dangerous goods comply with IATA and ICAO dangerous goods guidelines and regulations. As a matter of policy, ACT will only work with freight forwarders that have fulfilled ICAO’s and IATA’s training requirements and are qualified to handle and process dangerous goods for carriage by air.

Assessment & establishment of road feeder service

Road feeder service

We have an exemplary record in maximizing our clients’ revenue in countries with transparency in duties and customs regimes using dependable road feeder service to bring freight from neighboring countries. We have a reliable network of contacts in key trade lanes and take care of all arrangements on behalf of our carriers with reputable RFS companies. We guide, supervise, and assist our forwarder partners to facilitate an expeditious customs process.

Documentation processing

Documentation processing

ACT can provide both AWB stock delivery system over the internet or the physical AWBs to forwarders. In either case, forwarders can request blocks of air waybills as agreed upon with ACT.

ACT tracks usage, ensures that inventory is managed, and provides inventory status to the airline every fortnight along with sales figures.

Yield management

Yield management

Our commitment to the carriers we represent is to optimize supply and demand and maximize your revenue while reducing spoilage. We ensure that revenue and profits are maximized through routing options and price segmentation based on our deep knowledge of markets and the strategic importance of certain customers. Knowing your market is the key to maximizing capacity. We rely on strong relationships with forwarders and shippers and attentive management of existing contracts and contract negotiations to help ensure improved capacity control. We don’t like surprises, so we stand by our pledge to airline clients that they never have to worry about hidden charges with ACT.

Ground handling/ULD control

ULD control

We assist carrier in the negotiation of the handling agency agreement and ensure proper implementation of the agreement. An experienced ACT representative will be on site to oversee the whole cargo handling operation to ensure that best-practice processes and procedures are carried out on every shipment.

Payment of supplier invoices on behalf of carriers can be provided.

ACT is committed to delivering comprehensive flight supervision on a 24/7 basis who personally monitor and ensure proper loading. We provide real time follow-up of cargo movements and improved track and trace capabilities from acceptance of shipments to delivery at the final destination. Our team is well equipped to carry out operational supervision until the entire cargo is loaded into the aircraft ensuring maximum utilization of available space and the reduction of claims. We will coordinate with the GHA on inter terminal transfers to insure smooth transfers and absolute safety of our shipment.

ACT takes its responsibility seriously for the safe, proper and effective management, use and control of your airline’s ULDs. We monitor the in and out movement of ULD's to avoid “missing pallets”. Our representative will be on site during the loading and unloading process to ensure the safety and proper care of the ULDs.

Networking with other stakeholders


The importance of networking cannot be overstated. Our principals have many years of experience working in the Middle East, Africa, and India and are well-known in the business and government communities as well as with industry media. Our deep roots in these sectors are the key to our success and we strive to maintain these important relationships on behalf of our clients. As your representative, we will expand your airline’s profile at regional and international trade events, and industry gatherings. Your airline’s profile in these sectors will also be raised by industry media with whom we have cultivated long-standing relationships.

Crew assistance/accommodation

Crew assistance/accommodation

We will handle all the details to ensure your airline crew’s accommodations and services meet your standards at the very best price. We will do a site inspection and negotiate crew rates in the hotels approved by your airline and also assist with any hotel problem resolution. Unlike other GSA’s we will also coordinate all crew catering requirements.

Management information/financial controls/IT

Management information/financial system

To expedite the integration of ACT with its airline clients, we utilize the cargo accounting software system of the client airline to produce all revenue accounting and management reports including reservations, booking advices and sales analyses.

Revenue collection and reporting

Revenue collection and reporting

ACT assumes full responsibility for all invoicing and the collection of payments from its customers on behalf of the airline. The payment to the airline is supported by detailed documentation which complies with all reporting standards of the airline client. ACT also assumes full responsibility for all non-IATA billing and credit risk. Security protocols are kept updated to insure data integrity including off-site back-ups.

Warehousing and logistics control

Warehousing and logistics control

Our clients rely on our experience to deliver cost effective logistics solutions. We review route proposal and all movements of cargo from loading to unloading with our clients before implementation and confirm full compliance with all regulatory and safety requirements with all partners in the logistics chain. We insure that proper acceptance and delivery procedures are followed and relieve carriers of the headache of dealing with all logistical and warehousing arrangements.