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Sea-Air Multimodal Transport

Sea-Air combined transport, moves your western bound cargo via ocean to Dubai, transfers it by land to Dubai International Airport and is then loaded on an aircraft to arrive at any major airport in the world. This form of multimodal transportation has two major benefits, saving roughly 25-40% on direct air freight costs while avoiding congested shipping lanes. Between Ocean and Air, your cargo is safely transferred through customs and overlooked by our team in Dubai.

ACT’s solution allows businesses to keep thriving and economies turning and will remain effective when it comes to cutting direct air freight costs.

Sea-Air Benefits

  • Saves roughly 25-40% compared to direct air freight.
  • Avoids congested shipping lanes.
  • Is a time proven solution that has been used for almost 50 years.
  • Receive up-to-date information on the status of your shipment from our team.
  • West bound cargo can be delivered to Multiple Destinations. Once cargo arrives in Dubai by sea, it can accordingly be divided up onto aircraft heading to multiple airports for increased efficiency in your company’s - operations. Reducing the connections your cargo has to take.

Our Team and Partners

We have veteran logistocains on our team who specialize in Sea-Air multimodal transport, giving us the know-how to get your cargo through the many moving parts of multimodal logistics. With over 20 years of experience in the logistics sector and having long lasting relationships with airlines, we offer lots of dependable options for getting cargo to its desired destination. Our goal in providing the Sea-Air solution is to give clients a quality and reliable experience that saves businesses money and still deliveres in a timely manner.